Has this property had lead-based paint services?

Search the Lead Information Registry to identify if pre-1978 rental housing or daycare properties received lead-based paint services. All properties in this registry received a lead-based paint inspection or a lead risk assessment, and a lead abatement service. A lead-based paint inspection identifies any lead present on the property. The lead risk assessment determines if any of the lead found is a hazard. Lead abatement services address or remove the lead hazards. A certified lead professional performs this work. In this registry, data is available for services occurring since January 1, 2015.

Disclaimer: Properties listed in this registry may not be lead-safe. This is because some intact lead-based paint may remain on the property after lead-based paint services are complete. Intact lead-based paint is paint that is not deteriorated. A certified lead risk assessor determines if intact lead-based paint is safe to leave on the property. However, with regular home use and renovations, intact lead-based paint may begin to deteriorate causing a hazard. To be sure the property is lead-safe, additional assessments may be needed. If you have questions about this registry, please contact the Healthy Homes Section at 866-691-5323.

Can I list my property on the registry?

Yes, but you must prove lead-based paint services occurred on the property. To prove, you must provide the lead-based paint inspection/risk assessment report and lead abatement report. Send these documents directly to the Healthy Homes Section.

Can I update my property information?

Notify the Healthy Homes Section (HHS) by email at HHSInfo@michigan.gov detailing your request.